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It is adpma’s goal to ensure that all users of our PMA’s are afforded the ability to plan or respond to their respective maintenance and production activities with the utmost assurance that adpma parts will be available when needed. For this reason, adpma maintains stock on all of its advertised parts. To control costs and to provide convenience to our customers, adpma’s parts are available on the internet for purchase through several listing services. Customers may buy direct from adpma by way of StockMarket.Aero and where accurate stock listings are provided.

adpma’s engineering and business resources are always available to our customers for consultation and technical support. Please feel free to contact adpma directly with any request you may have regarding our existing products, follow up support needs, or inquiries as to how best to advance your business objectives through the design and utilization of our PMA parts.


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Engineering, Certification and Manufacturing

Tennessee Office

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Tennessee Office

Kurt Keller
Operations and AOG Support

DIRECT: +1 423 391 8834
EMAIL: [email protected]

Benjamin Croux
New Business Development

DIRECT: +1 423 391 8834
EMAIL: [email protected]

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