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adpma is comprised of a small, highly skilled group of professionals devoted to lifelong careers in aviation and collectively representing more than 185 years of combined experience in the fields of applied engineering, manufacturing, airline maintenance and operations support. Over the past few decades, we have acquired firsthand knowledge and experience of the operational complexities airlines encounter every day in providing a safe, enjoyable, and convenient service to their customers at a fair and reasonable price. Most challenging for the airlines has been how best to satisfy these demands, while maximizing profitability margins for a sustained duration of time. Unfortunately, this objective has all too often been unattainable during recent years.

As a result, more airlines are currently incorporating the utilization of PMA’s as a reliable and practical strategy to reduce their total maintenance costs and improve their fleet operational reliability. Airlines have successfully accomplished this either through a reduction in their direct material expenses or through cost reductions derived from the PMA content authorized in repairs performed by their maintenance providers. It is no coincidence that the availability of aftermarket PMA products has made possible the expansion of capabilities of independent maintenance providers. This infusion of PMA products has met with favorable results, affording airlines more options and competition for their outsourced repair activities. Concurrently, independent maintenance providers have realized competitive gains through the integration of PMA content that directly improves overall service and reliability to their airline customers.

Airlines worldwide have incorporated our PMA parts into their supply chain strategies as approved configuration standards in the support of maintenance on their aircraft. Check out our Projects Page and Catalogs Page for actual examples of PMA programs we support or contact us directly to discover how we can assist your company with identifying cost effective solutions that can dramatically improve your competitive advantage and secure sustained business through the direct implementation of our PMA parts.

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