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extraordinary results

adpma formed its multi-dimensional team with a singular objective of introducing more effective and innovative PMA solutions to the airline industry. Unit cost reduction is the most obvious measure of value of PMA’s that often overshadows the more comprehensive and long term benefits realized by the airlines that profit from their use. These benefits include reduced repair turn times, lower inventory carrying costs and increased repair market capacity. It has been our experience that airlines give considerable weight to these factors when accessing the merits for approving PMA parts. We believe in placing greater emphasis on these tangible factors. Doing so improves our customer’s overall experience with the use of our PMA products.

Our project collaboration process is based on decades of firsthand experience in airline maintenance and operations and factors critical administrative requirements of sourcing PMA’s into airline fleet specifications and maintenance programs. As a result, we place greater emphasis on providing operational simplicity for customers by applying a comprehensive program approach to the parts we target for PMA development. Through this unique approach, we assure our customers the guarantees of an exceptional PMA solution that will provide them long-term financial and operational benefits.

Our approach is modeled to improve your bottom line results by:

  • Seeking Mutually Aligned Benefits
  • Defining Customer Requirements
  • Providing Clear Options
  • Delivering Measurable Value
  • Improving Productivity
  • Securing Competitive Advantage

adpma’s first PMA to be certified was the JT8D-200 LPT shaft coupling, PMA72104-1, which was approved by the FAA on January 8, 2001. Since then, adpma has received FAA PMA on 335 parts (excluding PMA’s obtained through OEM licensing). To date more than 95,000 of our parts have been delivered to airlines and maintenance providers in 39 countries worldwide. Nearly half of the customers we support with our PMA products are maintenance providers doing repair work for major airlines and operators.

Airlines worldwide have incorporated our PMA parts into their supply chain strategies as approved configuration standards in the support of maintenance on their aircraft. Check out our Projects Page and Catalogs Page for actual examples of PMA programs we support or contact us directly to discover how we can assist your company with identifying cost effective solutions that can dramatically improve your competitive advantage and secure sustained business through the direct implementation of our PMA parts.

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