quality assured

Airlines insist on having the confidence that their PMA sourcing decision is a concluding resolution to their core dilemma. In order for airlines and maintenance providers to endorse PMA’s as practical alternatives to the OEM’s originally designed products and services, they must indisputably demonstrate the anticipated benefits are realized without risk or adverse effects on their operations. For these reasons, our PMA’s are designed and tested to insure our customer’s expected savings and operational performance benefits will be preserved beyond the component’s expected run time or service life.

innovation and technology

To further enhance customer quality assurance and product performance, our PMAs are designed and tested utilizing the latest available technologies and produced with state of the art manufacturing techniques and processes. The innovation we introduce in resolving our customers’ problems is envisioned and executed by a staff of the most highly competent design and quality engineers. The professional engineering team at adpma embodies decades of experience in aerospace product design, certification and manufacturing. The most effective material processing methods and manufacturing techniques are applied to every part produced, regardless of its complexity, to insure that it meets or surpasses its initial design qualities and performance characteristics – all at substantially lower costs to you!

dependable support

Airlines, and their maintenance providers, demand seamless and predictable service from its supply chain and can ill afford even the slightest disruption to their operations. Your success depends on our ability to continually deliver a quality product at a substantial value to your core business. You can always be assured that our advertised products are stocked and readily available for delivery upon request.

Airlines worldwide have incorporated our PMA parts into their supply chain strategies as approved configuration standards in the support of maintenance on their aircraft. Check out our Projects Page and Catalogs Page for actual examples of PMA programs we support or contact us directly to discover how we can assist your company with identifying cost effective solutions that can dramatically improve your competitive advantage and secure sustained business through the direct implementation of our PMA parts.

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