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a few words about us

adpma, LLC is a leading manufacturing company that specializes in the design, certification and manufacturing of precision aftermarket replacement parts for the commercial aviation industry. adpma was formed in 2001 by a small faculty of engineers, representing decades of experience in the disciplines of applied engineering, quality control and manufacturing, with the goal of delivering more innovative and comprehensive PMA solutions to airline operators and maintenance service providers. The approach and strategy for achieving this objective was further insured through the creation of a product development team purposely assembled with former airline professionals, highly trained and qualified through extensive experience in airline maintenance, engineering and operations support.

Our parts are essential to supporting airlines’ continued maintenance and operations of their aircraft. Since 2002, adpma has received FAA PMA approval to produce 335 parts, excluding PMA’s obtained through OEM license. Our parts directly support more than 35 major airlines in over 39 countries. Nearly half of all customers we support with our PMA products are maintenance providers doing repair work for major airlines and operators.

The airframe and engine systems currently supported by our parts include:

21 Air Conditioning
27 Flight Controls
32 Landing Gear
38 Waste/Water
49 Auxiliary Power
52 Doors
71 Power Plant
72 Engine
73 Engine Fuel
75 Engine Air
79 Engine Oil
80 Engine Starting

Airlines worldwide have incorporated our PMA parts into their supply chain strategies as approved configuration standards in the support of maintenance on their aircraft. Check out our Projects Page and Catalogs Page for actual examples of PMA programs we support or contact us directly to discover how we can assist your company with identifying cost effective solutions that can dramatically improve your competitive advantage and secure sustained business through the direct implementation of our PMA parts.

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