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We are a customer focused engineering team that designs and manufactures advanced aerospace solutions for airline and defense operators, maintenance service providers and OEMs.

Quality Assurance

Our PMAs are designed and tested to ensure our customers’ expected savings and operational performance benefits will be preserved beyond the component’s expected run time or service life.

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ADPma is eager to deliver value added solutions, parts and services to our expanding global customer base.

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Customer Directed

More airlines are currently incorporating the use of PMAs as a reliable and practical strategy to reduce total maintenance costs and improve fleet operational reliability.

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Quality Solutions

Our PMAs are designed and tested utilizing the latest available technologies and produced with state of the art manufacturing techniques and processes.

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Extraordinary Results

Unit cost reduction is the most obvious measure of value of PMAs that often overshadows the more long term benefits realized by the airlines that profit from their use.

Dependable Support

Airlines and their maintenance providers demand seamless and predictable service from their supply chain and can ill afford even the slightest disruption to operations. Your success depends on our ability to continually deliver a quality product at a substantial value to your core business. You can always rest assured our advertised products are stocked and readily available for delivery upon request.


Airlines worldwide have incorporated our PMA parts into their supply chain strategies as approved configuration standards in the support of maintenance on their aircraft. Contact us to discover how we can assist your company with identifying cost effective solutions that can dramatically improve your competitive advantage and secure sustained business through the direct implementation of our PMA parts.

Quality aviation replacement parts and components.