What We Do

ADPma is a leading OEM and FAA-PMA aftermarket supplier of precision proprietary aircraft parts to the global commercial aviation and defense sectors. 

We help our partners reduce total cost of ownership of parts and components through the design, engineering, certification, manufacturing, and sale of proprietary precision aircraft parts and components. 

Customized solutions

We work with each of our partners in the commercial aviation and defense sectors of the industry individually to provide customized solutions to their current pain points. We identify cost-effective solutions that dramatically improve our customers’ competitive advantage and secure sustained business through the direct implementation of our PMA parts with regard to

Innovative technology

We are heavily focused developing our own intellectual property and innovative technology while adhering to the highest quality standards.

GLobal partners

Our expansive global partner base includes airlines, MROs, air cargo, OEMs, military/defense, leasing companies, and resellers. Our team is eager to deliver value-added parts, services, and solutions to to your business. Contact us to learn more.

We're a pma provider

Our PMA parts are not just about saving money. We work closely with our partners to identify opportunities for improvement in overall service, reliability, and parts availability as well as costs.

Airlines worldwide have incorporated our products into their supply chain strategies as approved configuration standards in the support of maintenance on their aircraft, engines and components.

We're an oem

We specialize in low volume, high mix manufacturing that ranges from out-of-production legacy products to “white paper” design.

We support OEMs and military/defense operations by taking complete responsibility for mature and non-core products, under license or acquisition, allowing the OEM to focus on their current and future programs. 

Areas of expertise

ATA Chapters

We have a wide range of capabilities. The airframe and engine systems currently supported by our parts include the following ATA chapters.

21 - Air Conditioning

24 - Electrical Power

25 - Equipment/Furnishings

26 - Fire Protection

27 - Flight Controls

28 - Fuel

29 - Hydraulic Power

32 - Landing Gear

33 - Lighting

35 - Oxygen

36 - Pneumatic

38 - Water/Waste

47 - Inert Gas System

49 - Auxiliary Power Unit

50 - Cargo and Accessory

52 - Doors

54 - Nacelles/Pylons

57 - Wings

71 - Power Plant

72 - Engine Turbine

73 - Engine Fuel and Control

75 - Engine Air

78 - Engine Exhaust

80 - Starting

our Specializations


  • 331-200/250 APU
  • 36-150 APU
  • 36-280/300 APU
  • 36-50H
  • Brake Tubes
  • CF34
  • CF34 Starter
  • CFM56-5
  • Connectors
  • CRJ Brushings
  • Drain Valves
  • Humidifier Pads
  • Repair
  • Toilet Assembly
  • V2500
  • Vacuum Blowers
current offerings


Below are some examples of solutions we have provided in the past and our current product offerings. However, we are heavily focused on new IP development as well. Building partnerships, collaborations, and solving problems are our passions–not just selling products. We are standing by to discuss your unique opportunity and discover how our team of highly skilled engineers and innovators can alleviate your pain points.

Contact us to start a conversation about how we can support your operational needs.